No one wants to be wrong, right?

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How many times you were sure of what you were saying, and then someone told you, you were wrong?

It happens, it’s not a problem. What makes the difference though, is how you approach this kind of situation.

Would you be able to admit you were wrong? Or would you rather prefer to be proud of yourself by not even acknowledging the truth?

Let’s say that you are closed in a room with 4 other people. They are like you. You are like-minded. …

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The idea of controlling the surrounding environment just with our minds was, until a few years ago, science fiction.

Today, it is possible.

Information in our brain, just like in computers, is transmitted using electrical signals. Our brain contains about 86 billion neurons that communicate between them using certain patterns. Everything we are, our own reality, depends on our brain.

A Brain-Computer Interface, or BCI, acquire, process, and translate brain signals into commands. The purpose of these devices is to allow our brain to communicate with computers.

There are now two questions: why our brain should talk with a computer…

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The power of good habits is that once established, they can keep us healthy and happy with little effort.

It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.

- Benjamin Franklin

During these hard times of pandemic, we had to rethink our entire lives, change our schedules and try not to become mad in the meantime. Such a brutal changing in our everyday activities may get us confused, it can be destabilizing.

The question is: how do we stay productive and healthy, especially in these tough moments?

Physical exercise

A growing amount of evidence suggests that physical activity is linked…

How does reality look like in an infinitely small world?

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What is reality?

We could say that reality is all the things that exist. But is the reality we see, the same for everybody? Can we talk about the existence of objective reality?

Just to be clear, by the objective reality I mean something that exists independently from your mind and perception.

New scientific findings bring answers, of course, but new questions as well.

I want to look at this topic from a relatively different angle. …

How the usage of data analytics may help to prevent crime

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Imagine sending your 12 years old child to buy some milk at the supermarket near your house. You know that your neighbourhood is safe and you let him go alone. Unfortunately, something happens.

A bad guy approaches your child trying to get him in his car: your child is about to be kidnapped. At the same moment, a patrol approaches and two police officers hear your child screaming.

They get out of their car and they arrest the bad guy.

Your child is safe.

Wow! How lucky are you…

The Story of Tom and Nathan

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“Don’t worry Tom, we won’t have any problem”

“Nathan, this thing is not even able to support your weight!”

“I have built dozens of them with my father, I know how to build a tiny boat like this one”

“You should reinforce the chassis, it’s too thin!”

“Come on, you know nothing about building boats. Studying engineering at university does not make you a boat builder”

As he was quite angry with his friend, he left the Jenkins family yard. During the short path that he had to walk to reach his house, Tom…

Three tips I used to establish my reading habit

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We are so busy with our everyday lives that we find it difficult to seat down for a moment and read a couple pages from your favourite book. We don’t have time.

I know, I get you.

What if I tell you that, even super busy people like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, are able to find the time to read every day? Would you still think that it’s impossible for you?

Well, I am pretty sure that we can handle this too.

I am going to show you three tips…

Least Significant Bit steganography with randomly chosen pixels

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I frequently find myself playing with code and most of the time it happens that I rewrite things from scratch, to write them better. In this case, the same thing happened for the Python tool I show you today.

This post assumes a basic knowledge of Python, steganography and the Least Significant Bit technique. If you don’t know anything about steganography, go check it out on Wikipedia.

What is different here?

LSB methods are extremely easy to implement and capable of hiding large quantities of information, but they also have a few drawbacks.

Apart from being…

Andrea R.

I’m a Computer Science student, with a passion for questioning things. In the last years, I embraced this motto: No excuses, we can always do better

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